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About Materra clay 

Materra clay is rhyolite which is a kind of volcanic rock produced from specific location in Japan, we call this Materra mineral.

Patent process (Heat・Cooling・Crush)was researched and developed for 25 years, Material is gentle on a skin and eco-friendly.

Materra clay passed GLP safety test and ensured the safety, you can use it at ease.

Chemical-free, made of all natural ingredients.

Particle size of powder

Materra clay(cleansing items “81” series) is used ultrafine particles clay under 14 micron.

Ultrafine particles removes dirt from skin softly and reduce skin damage by the friction.

Materra clay has effect of storing body temperature and massage effect  improves blood flow.

Main ingredient of Materra powder

Materra clay contains high concentration Silica(70%), and the beauty industry is interested in it as new material.

Silica is expected to effects of anti-aging, production of collagen.

Research and development

Materra clay research evidence for skin as cosmetic raw material, such as antioxidant effect test, acnes test, cleaning adsorption test.